Instead of Selling Independently, Sell Your Car to AutoStar

May 22nd, 2017 by

 You start thinking it’s time to sell your old car after eyeing a new Jeep Cherokee on the road. Your current vehicle reliable and in good condition, but it is old. The thought pops into your head, “Will I even get any cash back for this thing?”. Do you bite the bullet for trade-in value at a dealership, or do you price it yourself, put it on the side of the road and hope you find a buyer? Of those options, the best might be to bring it to a dealership–specifically AutoStar. Here’s why:

You are guaranteed money, no matter what. Once you sell to us, the transaction is over for you. There is no contingency on how quickly we have to sell it, or for how much we sell it for at the end of the day. As soon as you make a deal with us, you get a check which becomes cash-able as soon as we get your title. No meeting strangers in parking lots, no concerns about the deal falling through. All that’s required on your end is to meet with our expert associates.

We always want your car. Because we have so many locations, we are always in the market for more vehicles. AutoStar prefers buying locally as opposed to buying from auctions because the cars are usually in better condition. We thoroughly enjoy the Asheville area and live by the creed of “buy local”, so we try to reciprocate that to the best of our ability.

We have the tools necessary to give you the best price possible. Do you know how to price your vehicle? You can use a website like Kelly Blue Book, but how many cars does Kelly Blue Book buy? Although KBB is a great starting point to pricing a vehicle, it does not account for all degrees of wear, tear, and distinct characteristics of your vehicle. We have tappraisers who know what to look for when pricing a vehicle, access to real-time used car market summary tools, and always pay fair market value.

Stop by one of our locations today to learn more about trading in your vehicle!




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